Crypto Kong

Download instructions:

Download the executable file and launch it.

If you already have an installed copy of Crypto Kong and are updating it you will be prompted when files are about to be overwritten. These overwrites are harmless, they will not destroy user data. If you reject any overwrite, the installation will fail.

If you install multiple times without first uninstalling, you will get multiple entries in the "Add remove/software" list in your control panel. If you do multiple uninstalls after multiple installs you will get error messages about missing files, but these error messages are harmless. To avoid this problem, uninstall existing copies before installing an updated copy. Uninstalling will not remove your existing documents and secrets.

Uninstallation does not remove any user data, that is to say, does not remove your secret files or the Crypto Kong database

Release 1.1.4, 10 April 2001   Download Kong